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Seems like the iPhone will now be able to connect to Microsoft Exchange servers for email now. I have actually been waiting for that since the iPhone was first introduced. The support should be available to iPhones in an a 2.0 update in late June as per an article in ZDNet. Some of the features promised in the update are:

  • Deliver a global address list and push contact.
  • Support Cisco IPSec VPN, enterprise class WiFi. (Was this part of a deal to end the iPhone naming spat?)
  • Allow security policies and remote wipe.
  • Enterprise configuration.
  • And support for Exchange (also see Microsoft’s Q&A). Along those lines Apple has licensed ActiveSync for the iPhone. Mary Jo Foley reported that a Microsoft-Apple deal was in the works last year.

More on the iPhone here: http://blogs.zdnet.com/BTL/?p=8179&tag=nl.e540