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For years I have been using a windows mobile device for my emails and web browsing. I started off initially with the AT&T 8125 which was a mobile device with a slide out keyboard. This phone I liked but then as technology progressed it was upgraded to the 8525 model which had a faster processor. Finally the last phone I just ended up was the tilt aka htc tytn ii. This phone was probably my favorite windows mobile phone to date, but I felt that something was missing.

At about the time I had moved to he tilt I had bought my wife the first generation iPhone. Now this is a person that is not tech savvy and felt like she wouldn’t have a use for such a phone, but she went along. After using her iPhone for about a couple of weeks she couldn’t believe how easy it was to use and how functional it was for her.

After experiencing this and noticing how responsive the user interface was, I decided to get one for myself and after two months of using it, I think I actually like it better than windows mobile. I think mostly because the interface is more responsive plus looks cleaner, and I love the on screen keyboard. In fact, I just wrote this whole post from my iPhone. Has anyone else had a similar or better experience moving from another mobile device to the iPhone? I’d like to hear about it!